Orkidea - Neo Romance

Orkidea – Neo Romance (feat. Ben Lord)

This song kicks off by dropping on us some amazing reverberating bass. The masterful use of reverb permeates throughout the melody. Evocative lyrics seem to prepare us for a ride of passion. And indeed, the drum machine powers on soon after. Dance your eardrums!

“It’s all I want is that first kiss
And all the kisses gonna start a fire
And I know you rightfully
Just try be bold
Come on and we’ll start it up
Nothing to the wise guy
No one is gonna to take us higher
My sunflower
My sunflower
Breathlessly endlessly raving and falling
I’m worried and cold, maybe take me, I’m holding [?]
I’m trying to find out
But the words won’t come out
Baby what’s your name
What’s your name
What’s your name
What’s your name
Oh we could find love, here and now”

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