nVidia GeForce 1080

nVidia GeForce 1080 and AMD RX 480 – the Video Cards of June 2016

This June is a good month to be a gamer. Both nVidia and AMD have announced new graphical processing units that exhibit vast improvements over the previous generation. After being stuck for almost four years on the now-primitive 28 nanometer lithography, the GPU manufacturers have jumped straight to 14 (AMD) and 16 (nVidia), skipping over the intermediate step of 20-22 nanometers.

In combination with switching over to multigate transistors, this technological leap allows the new video cards to achieve a boost of up to 40% in performance at a much lower price than the previous generation. In terms of price/performance ratio, we’re looking at an improvement between 60% and 80%. That’s massive. We haven’t seen such a leap in GPU technology in many years.

Switzerland Goes For Social Disaster

Switzerland Invents New Recipe For Social Disaster

Europe’s allergic reaction to Islam reaches new heights of the absurd. Other than being known as a haven where dubious characters stash their money in secret bank accounts, Switzerland has become increasingly racist and intolerant. In one region, the Swiss are forcing (via fines) Muslim students to shake the hand of their female teachers.

Trentemoller - Moan

Trentemøller – Moan (Vocal Remix feat. Ane Trolle)

With its sharp sound and amazing attention to detail, this melody made it to the top of my best finds of this 2016. One can listen to this song for a dozen times and continue to find surprising details coming out from liquid depths that wobble and echo.

It’s danceable yet dreamy; at least until the planet-busting laser synth kicks in and turns the entire thing up to eleven. The word “obsessive” doesn’t quite do justice to this song.